Dental Restoration Questions

Teeth cover up? (Answered)

Is there any sort of cover for bad looking teeth that dont hurt. I dont want them pulled just covered.

Tooth Bonding Removed and Teeth Hurt (Answered)

Yesterday a dentist put tooth bonding on 4 of my upper teeth and they were done very badly so today I had him remove them. My teeth are very sore and I noticed they dont feel the same. I think it is because of the etching he did before he did the...

Half of tooth came out (Answered)

I lost half of my tooth eating a bagel this morning. is there anyway the tooth can be saved? It is one of my side front teeth.

Home Repair of Broken Denture (Answered)

I was careless putting in my bottom denture and it broke in two. Can I get it repaired? Maybe cemented back together?

Lost enamel Fix? (Answered)

What can be done for teeth that have lost enamel to the point of exposed dentin

Enamel on two front teeth is thin (Answered)

Is there a procedure that will strengthen the enamel on teeth that are otherwise healthy; i.e., no cavities and regular dental exams are up to date. At last cleaning,the dentist mentioned this. What is the approximate cost of the procedure, it is...

Loss Of Teeth Denal Work WIthout Insurance? (Answered)

My mother has had many issues with her teeth and recently she has been losing them. They either break or become abscess or something. I am trying to figure out how I can get her dental work without insurance and how much it would cost. I'm wondering...