Gingivitis Questions

Ultrasonic Scaler For Use At Home? (Answered)

If I purchase a Ultrasonic Scaler, can I use it at home instead of going to a Dentist? I do not have dental insurance and the Dentist wants over $1,000 to do a deep cleaning. I watched several videos online on how to use a Ultrasonic Scaler and the...

Can You Get Braces If You Have Bad Gum Disease? (Answered)

Is it common to go through braces when you have BAD peridontial disease? Do they help to stablize the teeth?

Mouth Wash Differences?

what is the difference between wash and rinse with regard to antibiotic, antiseptic and antibacterial? i have early periodentitis and am looking for the best product to useto manage biofilm thank you

what is a fistula (Answered)

what is a fistula

When your teeth become loose do they have to be remove or is there another option? (Answered)

I have gingivitis and my gums have receded and now my teeth have becomed loose. Is there something they can do to keep them with out having them removed? I have had my gums scrape a few years ago. I have also been keeping up with my cleaning. My...

can poor dental hygiene cause mini strokes

can bad breath, gingivitis, loose teeth and poor dental hygiene be an underlying cause for a mini stroke i know someone who does not take care of their mouth and has had two mini strokes with no known causes doctors will not discuss the...

Can Gingivitis Be Treated In a Mild Stage? (Answered)

Can this gum disease ever be helped if it is in the mild stage? I don\'t want to just let it go untreated if it can be helped or even cured. Can you advise on the type of medical or dental procedure that is used if any? Thanks for the help.

What Does The Periodontium Consist Of? (Answered)

What are 5 anatomical structures of the periodontium?