Orthognathic Surgery Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Have Both Jaws Moved For Underbite Surgery?

My Orthodontist required to me that both jaws must be operated on to correct my class 3 underbite. How much is the price range since I live in Des Plaines, Illinois?

What Are The Risks Of An Untreated Crossbite? (Answered)

what are the risks when a 10yr old child has a crosbite and does not treated like one that gets the palate expander? My daugter is bieng told that her lower jaw is growing. What should i expect if the expander is put in vs. not doing so?

Will The Movement Of My Upper Teeth By Braces Cause My Nose To Appear Bigger? (Answered)

Hello, I am having braces on my teeth and I am wondering when the braces moves my upper teeth inward (which will change my profile a bit) but my question is, will that makes my nose appears to be a little bigger? Thanks, Alaa

sideways k-9 tooth on human adult (Answered)

I am 32 year old male with a sideways overlapped k-9 tooth (fang). I was wondering what would be the best way to go about fixing this problem of mine. My gumline has been pushed up in the region pretty severly. Would braces be too late? Are adult...

How Do Braces Fix Crooked and Overlapping Teeth? (Answered)

I have two teeth that go over my other teeth and are twisted how will the braces fix that and how will they go on?

Want To Become An Orthodontist (Answered)

Hello Im looking to be a orthodontist and wanted to know what classes I should take in high school that colleges would like Thank you!   Are there any specific classes that will colleges will favor when I apply to the colleges I choose.   I plan to...

Separators Pain (Answered)

How do i get rid of the pains in my mouth from the separators pushing on my teeth?

Early Braces Removal (Answered)

If my daughter gets her braces off too early will her teeth go back the way they were before braces? Here teeth were pretty bad and I'm worried they will shift.