Pediatric Dentistry Questions

Shaving a tooth while wearing braces (Answered)

I am fifteen and have been wearing braces for a few months. On my last appt. my dentist shaved one of my teeth without asking permission. I had never heard of this and want to know if this is a new procedure? Is it safe for the tooth to be...

Do I Need Braces If I Have A Lot Of Spaces? (Answered)

do you guys think id need braces.I have a lot of spaces and i loose my teeth really slow because i still have like 11 teeth to fall out.

Trimming Teeth To Prevent Overcrowding? (Answered)

Our dentist has suggested that we have two of our child\'s adult teeth trimmed to make room for two more adult teeth that have not yet come in. He feels this will prevent overcrowding in the future and perhaps save us some orthodontia work. I have...

Strange teeth eruption (Answered)

My son is 7 and his bottom teeth are coming in sideways and split. He calls them his "shark teeth" Is there reason for concern?

Periodontal Scaling Procedure involves what? (Answered)

I believed I was having my teeth cleaned to be charged for Perio Scaling and rt planing per quadrant-this fee was 245.00 per 1/4 of my mouth. I would like to know what is done so great and helpful that this needed to be done. What justifies...