Pediatric Dentistry Questions

Tooth and Gum question (Answered)

Hey 10yrold daughter has a new k9 tooth coming in on the bottom row and the old one is still there a has a slight wiggle to it. In front of that in the gum area it looks like it is infected. So I wait until the tooth comes out naturally, do I try to...

Childs tooth Decaying? (Answered)

If a 4 year old girl has a decaying tooth should you just wait for it to fall out or do something about it?

my 3 month old baby teething. (Answered)

My 3 month old daughter is teething and I wanted to know if its normal for her to be licking her gums where her teeth are growing?

Bottle rot? (Answered)

should my daughter have her 20 month olds teeth caped, pulled or just cleaned. Don\'t they fall out naturally around age 4 or 5?

Late teething out of sequence (Answered)

My son is 18 he has 4 upper incisors and 2 lower central incisors. His first lower molars r just erupting but his lateral lower incisors show no sign of eruption! Is this pattern normal for his age considering he is also very late! He had his first...

10 year old with Perm teeth on top of baby teeth? (Answered)

My 10 year old has a permanent tooth coming in on top of her one of her baby teeth. It is located on the top section, four away from the right front tooth. What does this mean, and what will the dentist do.

Arkansas Spring

What is an Arkansas Spring appliance?

baby teeth eruptions and gums (Answered)

My granddaughter is alittle over 9mths old and hasnt had any of her teeth come through yet,and isnt showing any signs of teething. Weve also noticed on her bottom front gum,there seems to be an extra layer of gum,like a thin slit. I dont know how...

tooth loose/injury (Answered)

son used teeth to remove game from gameboy. front lower tooth is loose and was bleeding, part of tooth is ripped off and tooth is out of place. what should I do? After hours dentist is unavailable and I called a few other dentists are not calling...

Tongue lump (Answered)

My 18 month old son has a pea sized lump on the side of his tongue near the back. It is pink, fairly hard and moveable (like on a stalk). It is not inflammed looking. It has just appeared in the last week or so.

Failed childhood orthodontic treatment

My childhood orthodontic treatment (provided by a second rate regular dentist) failed after my using a bite block for a year. Now I can't bite in the way my lower jaw was "trained" to because my lower teeth are pushed 3/4" back by the reverse side...

My 3 year old has swollen gums? (Answered)

My 3 year old has caps on all her teeth except for her four bottom fron teeth. Tonight i was brushing her teeth and noticed above her top front teeth that her gums looked a little swollen and when i brushed those teeth they bled a little bit. What...

Braces on primary teeth (Answered)

Should braces be placed on a childs primary teethor should those teeth be removed?

My 6 yr old losing a Molar (Answered)

My 6 yr old is losing her top right molar. Shouldn\'t she lose one of her front teeth, first? It\'s the very back molar.

4 Year Old Hit In The Mouth Now Has Loose Teeth? (Answered)

my 4 year old daughter has recently been hit in the mouth with a toy hard enough to where her two front baby teeth are loose now. they are bleeding at the gum line and loose to the touch. i dont have a dentist for her at the moment so im not sure...