Have a unknown growth or growing growths under my tongue.They are Not over growth of yeast.Been checked for that.Being reffered for a Biopsy.What does this Cost?I do not see the price of this on your page.But do see cancer statement

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Answer: Oral biopsy

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

If your general dentist has referred you to an oral surgeon for the biopsy, the fee quoted by their office will be most accurate. The financial coordinator will also determine if you have insurance coverage, as well as your patient portion after any applicable deductible applies.  On average, an oral biopsy can cost anywhere from $150-$1000. This fee can vary, depending on if you are self paying, or covered by medical and/or dental insurance.  The procedure is minor and will consist of removing a small sample of the diseased tissue or growth, that is sent to the lab and tested. Once the results are back, the surgeon and your dentist will decide the best treatment if necessary.  The small sample removed will heal within 48-72 hours and will feel much like a pizza or soup burn.  Warm salt water rinses will keep the area clean and free of debris in the meantime. 

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