Dentist had to take my jaw out of alignment for surgery and couldnt get it put back in place.

When i was 12yrs old (now 30) my dentist had to do dental surgery and had tk take my jaw out of alignment to reach the back teeth but he said he could not get it back in alignment properly.... but its been pain every since when i open my mouth,my bottom jaw shifts to the side and makes a loud popping noise and if it is barely bumped it send sharp pains thru my jaw, ear and the whole side of my face and with a 2yr old and lots of jaw bumps i need help.i cant eat anything chewy i cant open my mouth wide and this ringinb in my ears constantly is very annoying... please help me.

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Answer: Temporomandibular joint

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

It is unfortunate that you have had to live with this discomfort for most of your life. An oral surgeon or Temporomandibular (TMJ) specialist would be the best person to consult.  They may be able to re-align your jaw correctly, or fabricate a device that can help to do so over time.  It is best to maintain a soft diet, refrain from chewy sticky candies and gum, and relax your jaw muscles as much as possible. The sooner you are seen, the better.  Unfortunately, because you have gone so many years with your jaw like this, it may be a series of steps to obtain the proper alignment before you feel some relief. 

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