do i need dental surgery?

Hi im elevenyears old and i went to the dentist last week... they said my overbite covers the whole bottom of my teeth so they said i need braces. So i was looking online and people said the first step would be braces and the second step would be jaw surgery would that be nessesary for me

Answer: Every case is different, but yes you would start off with braces

By Expert 3

From what you mentioned is that you have a overbite, tradionally we start with braces and you will be wearing rubberbands to correct the overbite.

Every case is different and it is hard to tell you if you will also need surgery later on, without looking at your mouth and see how much of a overbite you have.

I would go ahead and do the braces and do what ever the orthodontist tells you to do and you may not need the surgery.

Good Luck in having the perfect smile for the rest of your life.