Gum recession

Hello I have a general question I've been looking at YouTube videos about gum recession and is kind of freaked out, because I have fun recession due to improper brushing and brushing aggressively in the past. When the dentist did the X-ray however it showed no bone loss. My question is can you have gum recession but no bone loss? And can gum recession always cause tooth loss. Thank you!

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Answer: gum recession

By Expert 10

Yes it is possible to have gum recession with no bone loss. Sometimes recession is caused mechanically, such as in your case with over aggressive brushing. Other times it can be a result of periodontal (gum) disease. Gingival recession does not lead to tooth loss, unless it is in conjunction with periodontal disease. In which case, due to the amount of bone loss, the teeth become loose and fall out or need to be removed. Since you are aware of your condition, you can make the necessary changes to slow down or eliminate further recession in the future. A soft bristle tooth brush or Sonicare/electric toothbrush and corrected brushing techniques can all reduce further recession. If the recession is severe enough your dentist may opt to place protective resins over the exposed root surfaces in order to prevent decay.

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Answer: Gingival Recession

By Expert 10

You can have gingival recession without bone loss. This happens with over aggressive brushing as you mentioned. Be sure to not only switch to a soft toothbrush, but also use the modified bass brushing technique as well. A periodontist can graft tissue from your own mouth back onto the areas in need. It does not always lead to tooth loss, however with those roots exposed, they can be more prone to decay and building up plaque versus other protected areas in the mouth.

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