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How Can I Whiten Teeth If I Already Have Sensitivity Issues?

I want to try whitening my teeth, but I'm afraid the over the counter products will enhance the sensitivity in my teeth. I have tried products like Crest Clear Strips, but always found the sensitivity to just be too much to be worth it. Do the lighting technologies in whitening help without as much sensitivity? I'm curious to try them, but also don't want to risk them at the same time.

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Answer: Whitening Usually Comes With Senstitivty

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

Unfortunlatey if you already have sensitivity issues, then whitening may aggrevitate more.   You can try other products like brushing with a toothpaste that has whitening added to it such as baking soda.  However if you were to go the route and find a speicalist to make you molds and such, you may find the beauty is not worth the pain.   You have beautiful teeth and they don't look yellow at all.  I would say stick with a toothpaste that you can tolerate as to not add more sensitivity.   

And keep smiling!

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