How To Shrink Gums Without Surgery?

Ihave braces and my gums has swollen up is there any other way i can shrink my gums back down to size without getting surgery someone also told me to use salt water can to shrink them can you please help me to

Answer: Rinse out your mouth with warm water and salt

By Expert 3

It is very common to have gums swollen when braces are just put on. It is very important to keep your teeth and gums clean. After every meal you should brush off any food or debris from your teeth and braces. When gums are swollen, it usually means that there is food stuck inside the gume and you must remove it. You could travel with a travel toothbrush inorder to remove any food after eating. You do not need toothpaste at all time. I also recomment a ultra sonic water spray to help you keep the teeth and braces clean everynite.  Good Luck to having a perfect smile for the rest of your life.