Lost my tray on a weekend! Please help!

So I finished my invisalign treatment roughly a little over a month ago (end of Feburary 2018). I took impressions for retainer trays then and have been waiting to hear from my dentist that they are in. In the meantime, I've been wearing my most recent/final set of invisalign trays. I lost my top tray while I was out on Saturday afternoon. It's 100% gone, I have no idea where it must have fallen out of my purse. I'm freaking out and not sure what to do. I still have my bottom trays but I've been without a top tray since Saturday at about 2:30pm. I no longer have my second most recent set of trays, so my top teeth have just been without any trays. My dentist is out for the weekend, so the soonest I could do anything would be Monday, and even then, I doubt my retainer trays are in since he hasn't contacted me yet (even though it seems like it's been a REALLY long time- a month and a half now and no trays still?) I just don't know what do (1) through the weekend, and then (2) even on Monday! Will my teeth be okay until Monday? And once it's Monday, can I pay or something to get my retainer tray expediated? I cannot let all of this time and hard work go to waste over one stupid mistake. I'm so worried, please help!

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