Lost Retainer, How To Order Online?

My daughter lost her retainer about 2 months ago &i am about to purchase a new retainer online ,can i send a mold of her teeth now , or will it not do anything and keep her teeth that way sence her teeth are already spread ?

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Answer: Must see a orthodontist


The model you have now, may not be the same as your daughter teeth now, especially if lost retainer. Alot has to do when was the braces removed.

After ortho treatment, it takes about 1 year for your gums to get hard due to all the moving of teeth. That is why it is soo important to wear the retainer FULL TIME for the first year.

In order for you to get new retainers, she must go to the orthodontist and get a new impressions of her teeth so the retainers are made properly.

Good Luck

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