Should I have baby teeth removed?

I am a 31 year old male. I work in a managerial position where I meet new people every day and do a lot of presentation work. (Back ground info) I have two milk/baby teeth. They are the upper canines. They have never given me any problems until recently the adult tooth has broken through from the roof of my mouth BEHIND one. I had x-rays performed by my dentist and she told me all was well but that on the other side the same thing was going to occur also. I have been referred to an orthodontist about the issue. I am awaiting my appointment date. My dentist has told me that my teeth and gums are very healthy and this includes the baby teeth. However, the two adult teeth arriving in the wrong place are bothering me. Both astethically and from a functional point of view. I find food getting trapped between baby tooth and new adult one. I guess I want to know what my options are. Should i get the baby teeth removed and guide the others into place (dont like the idea of braces). Should I get the adult teeth removed and leave the baby teeth. Is it possible I then might damage the baby teeth as a result of the surgery. Should i get all removed and get implants? Should I get the baby teeth crowned or veneered? Should I just leave all alone (although I would rather get it sorted). Cost isn't really an issue (within reason), but time, appearance, pain, finished product, lifespan of product, upkeep, etc are the real issues. Can you help. Thanks in advance.

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