Strange sore inside cheek

I noticed a very strange sore inside my right cheek that came on all of a sudden and was almost like a skin tag. It was not a round hard bump but rather a think but firm bump (almost like a blister after it is popped). The next morning it was not as firm but is still there. I am a smoker (but not for long) and visited my dentist. He said it was highly unlikely that it was cancer but was concerned because the skin is whitish around the lesion so he is sending me for a biopsy in three weeks. I actually have a short video of the sore inside my mouth. It is also painless and moves around freely when I touch it with my tongue. It is situated at the chew line in my cheek. Would posting the video help someone to diagnose what it might be??

Answer: Any results?

By A Wartick

I have the same thing in the same place! Please let me know what the doc. said? Did you eat anything in particular before?