Weird circle roof of mouth

I have this weird circle on the roof of my mouth that started a few weeks ago and continues to grow. It doesn't bother me and it doesn't hurt, but I'm concerned. It has a red border and is red inside. It isn't raised and it doesn't have an ulcer of any sort. It is just there and growing in width. Im not sure if its from something viral or if I should be worried.

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Answer: Lesion

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

It is not normal to have a red circle on the palate (roof of the mouth).  If you do not remember eating something hot that may have caused a burn, it could be something viral.  Usually a burn clears up within 7-10 days.  The mouth heals quickly, so its bothersome that it continues to get larger.  You should be seen by your general dentist as soon as possible to rule out anything serious. Warm salt water rinses may help to soothe the tissue until you are able to see your dentist.

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Answer: crowns are utilized in corrective dentistry

By Dr. Monica Smith

The crowns are utilized in corrective dentistry. That is on the grounds that they can cover shortcomings that pollute magnificence. They are ideal for covering discolouration and recolored teeth. Dental specialists can utilize them to cover deformed teeth, slantedness, breaks and cracks. They give harmed teeth a total care, Sadly, a few people think the dental crown treatment is perplexing and escalated. The strategy is insignificantly intrusive and is extremely straightforward. Subsequent to cleaning the lacquer, the dental specialists shape the tooth. The forming is fundamental for the crown to fit on the tooth. In the wake of molding it, an impression of the tooth will be sent to the lab. Gifted specialists will make your crown and convey it following fourteen days. The dental specialist will utilize a solid concrete to join the crown on the tooth. The procedure is clear with dracut dentist 

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