What do I do about my overbite?

Hey, guys. So I had braces a few years back and it made my teeth straight yadda yadda. But my teeth are so big that even though they\'re \"straight,\" I have a huge overbite. My two largest teeth on the top cause my lower lip soreness at times from accidentally biting it, and I am overall just really self-conscious. Is there any procedure that can be done to fix the overbite/make the teeth smaller? I was told I could remove my canines and get braces to rein them in a little as well. Ideas? Thanks!

Answer: correcting overbite

By BracesInfo.com Expert 5

Your bite may be ideal but if it bothers you, yes removing the canine teeth could be an option. If you went through braces already and they had you wear rubberbands to correct your bite then your treatment may be complete as to what was the ideal situation for your profile and bite. Sometimes if you have a very full smile the orthodontist will recommend removing some teeth on top and bottom to bring the teeth back. It will require wearing braces again and possibly rubberbands again but you most likely will get the results you want. If braces is not an option you could ask if invisalign would work in your case as well after removing some teeth. The traditional braces will get you better and quicker results though. You may be in braces 12 months or longer. You will notice after you have the teeth removed you will have spaces from the extracted teeth but they will close quickly.