What is wrong with my gum?

I am 13 years old. My gum around my molar second to the back on the left side is swollen only around that one tooth. This gum has been swollen for the last few days. 4-6 days. the gum has what looks and feels like a hole in it, and it drains out a puss like substance every few hours if i squeeze it. there is not too much pain except for a little bit due to swelling. there is a filling on this tooth, and a very small cavity looking thing about the size of a grain of sand on the tooth also. Please help, i do not want the pain to get bad and i don't want to worry about it if it is something that will just go away. my parents have came to the conclusion it is from making out with my girlfriend who has braces but i just don't believe that.

Answer: Go and see the dentist

By BracesInfo.com Expert 3

Call the dentist asap and go see them, from what you said, sounds like a bit of infection along the gum line, will need to cleaned up.

It is not from making out with your girlfriend, this has nothing to do with it. Please tell your parents that you need to see the dentist.

Till you see the dentist, try to keep that area clean, and also you can do a rinse ( water and salt).

It is possible that you have food stuck there and needs to be removed.

Call the dentist

Good Luck