What should I do about a loose permanent tooth?

I know now what a bad decision this was, but I decided to try Smile Direct Club to straighten my slightly crowded teeth at a lower cost. At the end of the aligner process, my retainers (which were made based on what the computer predicted my end result would be, and not an actual impression of my end result) were creating a gap between my two front teeth overnight. It would go away by the end of the day. I wore them for probably a month and a half before I realized that was a horrible idea to be moving my teeth back and forth every day, and ever since, I have had a couple slightly loose teeth. To make things worse, since I didn’t want my teeth to just go back to being crowded, I thought I could get a night splint made and it would act as a retainer (I’ve needed one anyway). I didn’t realize that it does not cover all of your teeth, just the 6 middle teeth on the top. I decided to start wearing my bottom retainer again (the bottom was never a problem) however I feel that the night splint is again moving my top teeth slightly during the night because 3 weeks passed from the time I had the impressions made to when I picked it up. I believe my teeth were moving back to their original positions pretty quickly and the 3 weeks made a difference. Now I have an expensive night splint that I feel is causing more damage, loose teeth, and wasted money on invisible aligners. I don’t really know what to do and the loose teeth are causing me to panic.. however I never told my dentist any of this because I’m too embarrassed and ashamed that I did this to myself. Is this fixable?

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Answer: Loose teeth

By Sarah h
Dental Professional

Do not be embarrassed to speak with your dentist regarding your treatment with Smile Direct Club.  It is sold to the public as an affordable way to align your teeth, however there is no dental supervision throughout the process.  Not everyone is a candidate and sometimes, tooth movement is not as predicted.  Smile Direct Club has been very successful in people purchasing their aligners.  It is important to check the mobility of your teeth and to monitor the shifting in order to prevent further damage to your teeth.  You may need a few more aligners to complete your treatment and to stop the shifting of your front teeth.  There are thousands of patients, just like you and dental professionals are here to help and support you in keeping your teeth for a lifetime.  

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Answer: Dental Clinic

By Laticia Gibson

My suggestion is to visit a dental clinic for an examination. If it is indeed periodontitis that has progressed this far you will most likely be in need of root scaling which is not something you can do at home. The only thing you can do at this point is to get very good at keeping your teeth clean. Brushing with good technique twice daily + flossing is vital to preventing this disease state from progressing further. See your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning, and make an appointment immediately if you notice a loose tooth or other signs of potential dental issues. For more infor visit local dentist .

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What should I do about a loose permanent tooth?

I know now what a bad decision this was, but I decided to try Smile Direct Club to straighten my slightly crowded teeth at a lower cost. At the end of the aligner process, my retainers (which were made based on what the computer predicted my end...

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